Rubina Hope for Kids was founded in 2005 in memory of Rubina Wong, who passed away during the SE Asia tsunami. Our initial goal was to raise enough funds to build a daycare in Thailand - this goal was achieved.
We have since been holding yearly events with all proceeds benefiting children in our local communities.
Help us to give kids hope, one smile at a time!
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October 2011 - Trip back to Thailand
A few of us made a trip back to Phuket in October 2011. During our short stay we visited the daycare that was built in 2006 as well as made a trip out to Phi Phi Island, the island where Rubina was when the tsunami struck (to hear about Phi Phi Don and see photos please visit Who We Are.)
Below we have posted a video that we made while at the daycare; as well we've posted some photos. We have left the photos from 2006 so you can see the differences of the daycare from when it was open and now, five years later. There hasn't been much change since the opening of the daycare, with the exception of a small jungle gym in the front and a few more items in the daycare itself. The original principle is no longer at the daycare however, one of the teachers that was there since the opening, is now the principle. Two years after the daycare was built, it was returned to the community and it was heartening to see that it is still running and kept very well. We were told by the principle that there are now 17 students that currently use the daycare which looks after young pre-school children, while their parents are at work. The children there were really quite shy, especially since they don't often get strangers coming out to visit (they are located in a very rural area two hours north of Phuket) but a few eventually warmed up and played catch with the beach balls we brought them (thanks to Lori from Cathay for providing them). It was a short trip for us as not too long after we arrived, it was time for them to take their baths and then have a nap. It was really great to be able to make the trip out there to visit the daycare so many years after the tsunami and see the lasting legacy that was left by Rubina.

Lam Kaen Daycare 2011

Daycare 2011 

Lam Kaen Daycare 2011

Daycare 2006

Lam Kaen Daycare, Thailand